Saturday, July 20, 2024

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    Minimum Order Quantity

    You Spoke and We Listened

    After testing a dynamic pricing model ("buy more, save more") on select lower-cost items, we received consistent feedback that a single price model was strongly preferred.


    In keeping with this request, we will be implementing a minimum order quantity (MOQ) on certain items beginning August 5, 2024. Doing so will help NDC continue to offer low prices to our customers on a broad range of products and should benefit you as well in the form of fewer purchases, more efficient receiving and less invoices.

    The complete list of affected items will be sent out within the next two weeks to enable you to adjust your buying patterns, but please reach out to your NDC sales representative with any questions. As always, we appreciate your support and cooperation.

    Facility Closure Notice

    If you anticipate closing your offices due to any reason, please let us know immediately to avoid any delivery issues. Please consider drop shipments as well. Please provide dates of closure with a 24-hour notice, if possible.


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